why self reliance is important to me

trusty trackloader purchased in beaten up condition for beaten down price

I find satisfaction in understanding how things work and fixing them when they break – probably why as a teen I had the need to separate my mom’s Renault Dauphine rear engine from the rest of the car, and hastily re-assemble it when my irate father returned from work.  I don’t like to depend on others and to my mind, if you have a yard and lawn you should take care of it yourself.  And avoid use of toxic inputs, such as pesticides, which are harmful to the environment and us.  I think at times we are too smart for our own good and our increasing control over natural processes can produce harm as well as good.  Why so much obesity?  and food allergies? and defects in new born humans?  I enjoy the physical work of growing organically and I believe the food I grow is tastier and healthier than what I can buy and the more I can do to protect my health through good food, exercise, a sensible lifestyle and a strong immune system, the less reliant I will be on conventional medicine.  Though I recognize the importance of conventional medicine and am thankful it is available.  

Fixing things and figuring solutions to problems helps satisfy my need to understand, engage directly, and succeed. And of course, it saves money. I use powered tools and machines where these will help and I repair all my machines and tools.  I have used contractors where work on the house required high ladder climbing or repairing the septic system (do you blame me).

The internet is a great source of information for me with excellent YouTube demonstrations from others in a similar predicament, and parts lists and even workshop manuals for download.  See my rebuild of a seized engine.

And now I have progressed to repairing circuit boards – see my posts on the Sears scroll saw repair and the treadmill circuit board repair.

 Caveat – the methods outlined here and elsewhere in this website are for information purposes only; are not recommendations; can result in personal injury or death; and I assume no responsibility for any content on this website.



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