what’s growing and recent reads

Recent good rains have juiced my crops.  We thought by now the tomatoes would be done, and some are, but others keep producing.  Most everyone complimented the taste of the small tomatoes.  We feel the larger tomatoes are less tasty probably from too much rain.

whats growingbMuscadine season has almost arrived and the black ones above although sweet, will be sweeter still when they roll into my hand and do not have to be tugged.  But then there will be many yellow jackets at the smorgasbord and M. developed a nasty reaction when 2 yellow jackets, apparently without provocation, stung her ankle.

And the apples and pears are abundant.  In my 7/31 post I criticized the Paduckah apple as a good producer with little taste.  Now these apples have fully ripened they really are tasty.  I locate fully ripened apples not by feeling for which nudges easily free but by selecting from those that have fallen to the ground.  Very few pests this year probably because of my kaolin spraying.

the two bottom apples are Paduckahs, top left is the Matsu (tastes great), 2 on the right are Ein Shemer (not yet ready), Kieffer pear in the middle, and at the top the Giant Korean pear, which needs a few more weeks.

Recent reads

I finished reading 3 interesting books.  The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu (tsih-sheen leo) apparently China’s top science fiction writer, is the sequel to The Three-Body Solution. One of my sons read the Mandarin originals, recommended them, gifted them to me, encouraged me persistently, and once I was into it, it was a good read.  Another book he recommended The Mandibles by Lionel Shriver, is a dystopian finance drama, very well written and much easier to access.  And finally I enjoyed the short stories in The Periodic Table (1984) by Primo Levi – gentle instruction, humor and sadness.

And, a first.  My running/walking group has good-naturedly tolerated my digressions on nutrition – that you are what you eat.  Yesterday at breakfast after our stint on the river trail, I noticed  there were more oatmeal settings (5) than bacon and eggs (4).  My comment that this was a first, caused some embarrassment.  It seems more folks are correlating health outcomes with what they eat.  Good!

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