mushroom shelter – improved irrigation

In a recent post I mentioned that mushroom production in my mushroom shelter has been poor due to inadequate watering.  The system I installed had a 0.5″ diameter water pipe run from a nearby slightly higher rainwater collection tank to the ceiling of the mushroom shelter from which the water flowed via bubblers onto the spawn impregnated logs.  Water flow was weak and the bubblers often clogged.

harvested rainwater for growing mushroom
source of water for mushroom shelter is the elevated rainwater collection tank which collects from the north facing roof

I rectified this by replacing the 0.5″ diameter pipe with a 1″ pipe and by eliminating the bubblers and using adjustable .75″ pipes to torrent the water onto the logs.    I do not have the dispersion I had with the bubblers but the flow is strong and there is no clogging – any debris is blown out.

watering mushroom logs
rainwater from the storage tank directed by adjustable pipes to the mushroom logs (ignore the horizontal white pipe)

Another watering improvement I made is to collect rainwater from the roof of the mushroom shelter and direct it onto the logs.  First step was to install a gutter.

directing rain onto mushroom logs
gutter attached to catch rainwater from mushroom shelter roof with pronounced dip to the left to feed into 4″ elbow

The open lower end of the gutter feeds into a 90 degree 4″ elbow attached to a 10ft 4″ water pipe.  I crumpled chicken netting into a ball and inserted it into the open end of the elbow to trap leaves and debris before they entered the water pipe.

harvesting rainwater from mushroom shelter roof
gutter on mushroom shelter feeds into elbow with protective chicken wire

It was then a simple matter to lead the 4″ diameter 10ft pipe into the shelter, cap the far end, and secure it ensuring it dipped from the elbow end to the capped end.  With a power drill I made  holes staggered along the length of the pipe.

watering the mushroom logs
4″ diameter 10 ft water pipe in place with staggered holes to ensure good coverage of mushroom logs

The improvements should ensure more reliable mushroom production.

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