Georgia Organics conference – importance of nutrition

This weekend (Fed 22 -23) I attended the 15th annual conference of Georgia Organics ("GO"), which emphasized the importance of nutrition.  This was my 8th conference and each time I wonder if I will learn anything new and the result is always a resounding "yes".  The organization has grown robustly.  Lots of young food activists.  I asked one last evening at the concluding Farmers Feast dinner why Atlanta has such a strong movement and he said "leadership".  Atlanta has growing ethnic populations Read more [...]

the largest yet least considered interaction

We interact with the world through our senses.  The five traditional senses are sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.  We have other senses as well such as balance, perception of time, pain etc.  If our senses warn us that our environment is unfriendly we respond - too much sun we cover ourselves, use an umbrella or sun screen or withdraw to the shade.  To much glare we put on sunglasses, close our eyes or squint and look the other way.  Too bitter a taste then we stop eating.  Too loud a Read more [...]

the perfect loaf (of whole wheat bread)

How we achieved the perfect whole wheat loaf After considerable trial and error we produced a perfect loaf of whole wheat bread.  Previous iterations experienced fallen tops or were short and heavy.  Here is the recipe: Add to the baking pan of Zojirushi (model BBCC-S15 which has capacity of 1 loaf of approximately 1.0 to 1.5 lbs with height 6" to 8"): 1.5 cups warm water (not too hot); 1/3 cup pure canola oil including a dash of olive oil; 1/3 cup raw honey; 2 tsp salt; 1 free Read more [...]

making whole wheat bread

A wise man once told me "You are what you eat".  At the time I ate whatever I wished and being in my mid- 20's and healthy, I saw little need to change my eating habits.  Nowadays I eat "healthy" which includes whole wheat bread and, noting the cost of 100% whole wheat bread and wishing to be as self-reliant as possible, I decided to venture down the bread making route. Acquiring a whole wheat bread maker First stop was a bread making machine (I could have tried hand kneading but I like machines) Read more [...]