After reaching my 6th decade, I was able to change tracks (hence my website Nu Trac or Nuutrac) from working for a living to natural growing activities and a healthier, self-reliant lifestyle.  I was mindful that neither my father nor his two brothers reached 60 and so I was determined to live my own life and not have regrets if it ended sooner rather than later.

This website is about my activities and thoughts, and may be of interest.  I seek no commercial gain and I make no representations and assume no liability for any information on this website.   The information is for the reader’s own use not commercial gain and if you circulate extracts please attribute the source to this website.

Changing tracks can be a challenge – financially of course, but also because there may be no other track to change to.

So often the decision may be to keep chugging along the same old trac or slow down.

Perhaps the signal was flashing red or caution at the time, but I took it for green and applied the throttle.

I am originally from South Africa and lived in London for a number of years (the train ‘photos are from southwest England), and then New York and now Atlanta.

My growing and related activities occur north of Atlanta on rural land most of which is heavily wooded.    Most of the trees are pine, maple, red and white oak, and tulip-poplar, sprinkled with dogwood, cherry, beech and sourwood.  There is abundant wild life but rarely seen due to hunting and local target practice with small and heavy caliber guns.  Plant hardiness zone 7b  with usually adequate year round rainfall.  In addition to vegetables, fruit trees and berries, I also keep bees (and used to keep chicken) and try do everything myself.

The soil is genuine Georgia red clay – very hard when dry, and very slippery when wet.  Also, in places lots of stones and boulders and bits of coal from a former coal quarry.  My goal, with composting and mulching is to grow food abundantly and organically.  I try to follow Nature’s path with diversity of plants and insects, no chemicals, and rainwater harvesting and irrigation.  With increased insect and plant diversity and experience, I am making progress.

Since the website is styled “Nu Trac” my new destinations include more than growing and self reliance.  My background is business but through MOOCS, (the free online courses) I have completed basic courses in physics, biology, plant behavior, animal behavior, electronics, programming and solar energy.  I have also taken an online permaculture course (PDC) with Geoff Lawton.

The tabs at the top of the site contain my initial comments on a topic and this is supplemented with more posts in the categories section.  You can follow this link to a summary of some of my projects.   Comments are always welcome.

Contact email: nuutrac@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. We met when you visited your mom here in Perth W.Australia. I find your farming enterprise fascinating.

    You are different to the usual small-holding or week-end farmer, enterprising.

    Best wishes.

    Abe S.

    1. Abe,
      I remember well our discussion and your insights. If you have any suggestions on what I am doing, please let me know.

  2. Just found your site while researching for chicken coop construction and got totally distracted reading your interesting posts. I, too, am in GA , n. of Atlanta, a relatively new beekeeper with an organic farm. Started down new tracks about 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. Keep up the blog!!

  3. I am interested in the cubby holes and the chicken metal nesting box that you built. How much did it cost or is it possible to find a used or vintage one? I need a place to store gloves and hats, shoes, etc.


    1. I assume the primary reason you are considering acquiring a nest box is for chicken since they are not really suited for the items you mentioned (landing rack in front, sharp metal edges, lip in front). I have a 12 hole box which was given me by a departing neighbor and a 6 hole box I purchased from a fabricator in south Georgia for about $145. I have also repurposed 5 gallon paint buckets laid horizontally with a 3″ wide plank in the front to retain bedding material. eBay has a number of items on offer.

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