cracked iPhone 4 screen replacement

This morning's wsj 6/21/17 first page article says "Bust Your Phone Again?  These Teens Are Here To Help".  A 16 year old Nantucket resident instead of surfing, made close to $24k last summer repairing smart phones and is busy again this summer.  His charge to repair a cracked iPhone 7 Plus is $189.99.   M. dropped her iPhone 4 last week and the screen is hard to read - see pic above.  She wants to wait for the new iPhone due later this year.  So I suggested I would Read more [...]

water heater expansion tank

In addition to my place north of Atlanta where I spend most of my time, we have a large house in Atlanta which we will sell when M. stops working.  I have begun readying the Atlanta house for sale.  It has two water heaters and neither has an expansion tank.  The code requires an expansion tank be installed if a new heater is installed or if a backflow preventer (check or one way valve) is installed.   A backflow preventer prevents water on the house side of the device Read more [...]

brake shimmy and a dishwasher fix

When not using the truck to transport materials, I use M's 2007 Camry which now has 155k miles.  It is more comfortable and uses less gas.  Apart from regular maintenance it has required little extra expenditures - new front rotors @ 98k; new upper engine mount @ 138k; new alternator @141k.  But for some time brake vibration has been an issue- the brake pedal pulsates and the steering wheel shakes when I forcefully apply the brakes.  Because the steering wheel shakes this indicates Read more [...]

replacing a glass window

My tractor building has roll-up door on one end and a 4x5 ft window at the other end.  It is insulated glass in a steel frame.  And has been fine until yesterday when I backed my Case tractor with pto chipper into it, and it shattered. Up till then I had a good morning.  My bobcat started instantly and I turned the compost heap and then I chipped a lot of small trees and branches.  And feeling good about everything I then reversed my chipper through the window.  I designed Read more [...]

remember your undersink water filter

In July 1998 I installed an undersink filter.  I know the date because I kept the original installation instructions.  I remember the accompanying written warning but paid little attention:  "To prevent costly repairs or possible water damage we strongly recommend that the housing be replaced periodically: every five years for clear tanks, and every ten years for opaque tanks.  If your housing has been in use for more than the recommended period, it should be replaced immediately". Imagine Read more [...]

well repair – part 2

In my previous post (part 1) I describe the temporary repair I made to the expansion tank pressure switch.  However the pipe/nipple connecting the pressure switch to the water manifold is badly rusted and seeping water and just a matter of time before it disintegrates. I want the repair to proceed efficiently and so I researched how to removed broken nipples - Bob's plumbing video (how to remove a broken pipe) was very helpful.  So prior to commencing the repair I bought and assembled all the Read more [...]

well problem – diagnosis & repair – part 1

Unexpectedly, Friday evening, no water in the house.  No warning signs such as discolored water which could indicate the well was running dry.  Checked the power supply board and the switch was on.  Called the well repair guy and asked if any wells were running dry.  He said 12 in the mountains but none at my level and he would visit Saturday 6pm. Caution - following involves working with 240 volts and can result in serious injury or death and should not be undertaken by anyone not competent Read more [...]

Sears Scroll Saw circuit board repair

I have an old Sears Scroll Saw: The manual is dated October '92 so I must have purchased the scroll saw in the early 90's.  It worked fine though I did not use it much.  Recently I had need for it but there was no response when I plugged it in. Notice: If you are not competent with electricity do no attempt anything mentioned below - serious harm or death can result - instead seek professional assistance for your electrical problem. I removed the base plate to expose the circuit board Read more [...]

quick water pump repair; seedlings doing well

With the beginning of winter I now always ensure that I have disconnected my water pumps and drained the water.  My carport pump (moves 2,400 storage gals) started fine, but my 1hp Water Ace (moves 2,800 storage gals) just made a humming sound when I tried pumping today.  Another challenge! Probably bad brushes I thought but usually there is warning - a lot of spluttering and starting in fits.  Not this time and why should it fail to start after the winter break? I moved it to the workshop Read more [...]

catch me if I let you

A senior credit manager once told me:  "Catch me once, shame on you, catch me twice, shame on me."  Which may be fine in the world of relationships but for the consumer in this  information filled internet world the maxim should be:  "Catch me once, shame on me!"  Last week 2 incidents when I was almost caught and by "caught" I mean taken advantage of. Ever since I rebuilt my Troy Bilt chipper shredder engine (model # 47330) in August 2013- see post on seized engine repair it has performed Read more [...]