it’s off to work we go

So its off to work we go now the night long roost is done and the fledgling sun brings cheer and early crow we hear the padlock click the stay bolt undone we gather at the coop door and here's our keeper Rick he points out the way a 50 yard jog across a field and up a hill its the fruit trees turn today he is deep into organics no sprays at all munchies abounding for us his soil mechanics he wants the bad bugs gone we're happy to oblige we eat them all both good and Read more [...]

chicken dynamics

Eight young chicks arrived as a group into a shed converted to coop two Golden Comets who jump on your knees when sitting you offer some morsels to feed two Black Giants so skittish and shy they keep the most distance when friendship you try two Speckled Sussex the smallest of all but quickly chase Comets to far away wall and then the last couple, so striking indeed a hen and young rooster of Buff Orpington breed as coop door unshackles they cluster around then chortle and hustle with Read more [...]