a surfeit of tomatoes

This has been a good tomato year for me.  I made several big changes to the way I grow tomatoes and perhaps this helped.  The big challenge right now is to use them all. I pick the tomatoes a little early when they show an orange or yellow tinge and allow them a couple days to ripen, therefore the green ones in the picture.  I may sacrifice some taste but this puts me ahead of the line.  Of whom you may ask? These are the secretive ones which, like a squirrel, quickly move to the Read more [...]

permaculture pdc

I first heard of permaculture in the early 90's when my father-in-law, who was a serious organic grower, showed me his copy of the Designer's Manual.  I subsequently acquired a copy, began reading it and then gave up.  It was too much information for me at the time and my priority  was earning a living.  Since I acquired my property I have become much more interested.  My daily car trips provide me lots of time to listen to the many different podcast sources.  I am attracted to permaculure Read more [...]