what’s growing

My last growing update was June 2.  Since then ripe tomatoes, blackberries and blueberries have come on stream.  And wild plants such as the pokeweed above, compete for attention.  Yesterday's basket provided a delicious salad - tasty tomatoes, cucumber, beans plus onions and garlic (not shown).  All freshly picked. I inter-sprinkled some seeds for large sunflowers in the growing area and the sunflowers are now between 9ft and 10ft tall. I also added color to Read more [...]

what’s growing

Despite plentiful rains and cooler temperatures, the transition to summer continues and cool season crops yield to Georgia summer varieties.  Asparagus season is over and those which were not harvested have matured and festoon their delicate tracery in the above picture. I grow for our plate and friends and can indulge allocating growing space to attractive non producers.  The yarrow's shimmering tapestry attracts visitors. And mullein thrives where it is allowed. And a nearby Read more [...]

back from week in San Francisco

Prior to my west coast trip I considered how best protect my plantings.  In my April 12 post I described planting out 33 tomato plants and my concern for frost damage.  There was no frost and my new concern was whether the plants would survive without irrigation for 8 days.   I deposited wood chips round the base of each tomato and watered deeply.  The 12 surplus tomato plants in the greenhouse I moved to the shade of the carport.  And I planted out 8 sweet pepper plants.  Read more [...]

growing update – tomatoes and bees

I noticed the leaves of my tomato plants in the greenhouse had white blotches. It has warmed up a lot and I suspect greenhouse heat and light is too much for the plants.  I could shade them or plant them.  A quandary is the average last frost day for Canton, a town to the south, is 4/21 to 4/30 and for Jasper, a town to the north, is 5/1 to 5/10.  So on April 10, what should I do?  The forecast anticipates no cold weather for the next 10 days.  I decided to chance Read more [...]

Georgia Organics conference – Feb 17/18 – 2017

Past Friday and Saturday I was at the GO conference.  Friday morning we visited a farm (Emory Oxford College organic farm) about 20 miles east of Atlanta.  The farm has CSA's and provides food for the campus.  The 2 managers were friendly and experienced and we also listened to the narratives of college interns and volunteers.  There is an impressive barn building on concrete pad where the harvest is cleaned and refrigerated and tractors and equipment serviced. I learned Read more [...]

tomato plants

Each year around this time I start my tomato plants.  For germination I use 3/4" soil blocks (purchased seed starter mix) and incubate, and once germinated I transfer to 2" soil blocks in my greenhouse and  later into 32 oz bottom drilled yogurt containers.  I have described the procedures in detail elsewhere on this site.  With each passing year I have become more casual with the mix for the 2" soil blocks and yogurt containers.  I used to carefully measure out the different Read more [...]

what’s growing

It's December 18, we have not had temps below 20 deg F, and greens are holding up well. Usually I plant out the garlic cloves in October or November but we had no rain in those months and the ground was dry.  When I returned from Australia and New Zealand early December the ground was moist and it was pleasurable to clear the beds, turn in the compost and populate with garlic.  I have noticed some leaves emerging and hope the delay will not affect their growth.  I used to store the garlic Read more [...]

making do

And so the north Georgia drought continues.  Yesterday was hellish - rolling clouds of smoke streamed down from Rabun county, where some houses were being evacuated, and from areas of South and North Carolina.   From my neighbors, who are weather hardened house builders, I heard hacking coughs and mine joined theirs as I pruned my trees.  And rain not in sight and maybe none until next spring. My house is on a well and I could pump water for irrigation but this depletes my well (and probably Read more [...]

what’s growing

Tomorrow,  Thurs Sept 22, is the beginning of Fall, or Autumn as we called it in the UK and SA.  Time to take stock of what's growing. Apple production is ending and the Anna, top left, and Ein Shemer, top right, are almost all gone.  It has been a good 2.5 months of apple eating since the Pristine became available early July. Although the Asian pear is almost done, the other pears are still turning out large, sweet pears and as long as we cut out the bad bits, they are a treat.  M. is Read more [...]

what’s growing, maglite led conversion

Unlike July which was hot and dry, August has been tempered with rain showers and cloudy days.  My property 50 miles north of Atlanta has received a lot of rain while Atlanta very little - could this be the heat island effect?  The rain has filled out my muscadine, including the golden scuppernong, shown above and throughout the day they are visited by yellow jackets, wasps and hornets, and me in the earlier morning. With the exception of the Parks Whopper, most of my tomatoes are done.  The Read more [...]