can’t get no satisfaction

(Pic above – the Atlanta house has a big fig tree and recent rains produced a good crop.  The pic shows 2 days harvesting, net of consumption.)

The Rolling Stones lyric (1965) – “can’t get no satisfaction” played in my mind during my run through the woods.  Probably because I just watched “Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer” and in one scene the fixer offers his help to a woman and she says “I need the satisfaction of knowing that I am doing good in the world” (48:27) and the fixer is stumped and says “That’s a big one”.  Finding pleasure and enjoyment are easy, finding satisfaction is a “big one”.

A hospital physician told me yesterday that today (Sunday) he will be trained in the new electronic medical records system his facility is rolling out.  A few thoughts – digitization should improve customer care with immediate access to records and reduction of mistakes. 

Two BUT’s:

1)  with more data on medical practitioners’ work output more efficiency can be encouraged/demanded and this will reduce practitioner satisfaction and customer satisfaction.  Reminds me of the time and motion studies during the early 1900’s – then factory workers were corralled now service providers are also snared, and the maxim – “what goes around comes around” comes to roost 100 years later.

2) the electronic brain in the background is probably doing more than just recording and regurgitating the data.  It is probably tracking inputs (patient vital signs and issues) and health outcomes and should be able soon, based on relevant data, to diagnose and recommend treatments  which in most cases will rival or outstrip the experience and judgement of the practitioner.  So not only less job satisfaction but probably fewer jobs.

As mentioned couple posts back, the 1’s and 0’s give with one hand and take with the other.


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