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My last growing update was June 2.  Since then ripe tomatoes, blackberries and blueberries have come on stream.  And wild plants such as the pokeweed above, compete for attention.  Yesterday’s basket provided a delicious salad – tasty tomatoes, cucumber, beans plus onions and garlic (not shown).  All freshly picked.

a mix of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes. the rattlesnake beans grow very well. the 2 chard leaves show how well chard is holding up as summer matures
and today’s basket which includes onions and blackberries and blueberries

I inter-sprinkled some seeds for large sunflowers in the growing area and the sunflowers are now between 9ft and 10ft tall.

reaching for the sky

I also added color to a cucumber area by sowing wild flower seed behind the support on which the cucumbers are growing.

just for fun – flowers mixed with cucumbers

Last year my blueberry leaves were sickly yellow – chlorosis resulting from too high ph, and I added sulphur powder.  This year the leaves look much better.

leaves are better, however because of the drought and reduced watering last summer, the plants suffered and are now slowly coming back

A couple of the weaker blueberry plants had insects on some of the branches.  Initially I sprayed with neem oil but it gives the berries a distinctive smell.  Since their presence is limited, I now gently cut the stem on which they are gathered, lower it onto the ground and grind it (and them) into the soil with my boot.

The 6ft mullein is still bearing its lovely yellow flowers and keeping bumble bees busy.

garlands of striking yellow

And now the Rose of Sharon which invades our deck area and provides cover for birds at the feeder, has begun producing its distinctive flower – perhaps we will again be visited by hummingbirds.

I am gathering in the garlic and onion.  Because of plentiful spring rains, garlic is larger than prior years.

my garlic does best when suspended in the carport. very little rotting and easy to pick for the table

Finally, a friend had to have an oak tree brought down and I visited and collected some firewood – all from the branches.

I cut the wood to fit the length of the wood stove. I will split when needed

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