3 visitors near carport

Previously I mentioned my new bee watering station.  I am pleased to see more and more bees visiting.  I discovered if I increase the frequency of the water drops such that the water surface has continuing ripples they discover it more easily.  Otherwise they scout around the compost area and a couple today were investigating the liquid nitrogen drop off area and one had to be rescued (the container is now covered).  On my return to the house as I passed the post balustrade I noticed on it what appeared to be a metallic brooch – see picture above.  M assured me it was not her jewelry (she isn’t into jewelry) but her research identified it as an Eastern-Eyed Click Beetle which is distinguished by its two large black eyespots surrounded by a thick white ring.  

head on

Attached to the carport is a small greenhouse which I rarely visit in summer.  However, I wished to set out some basil seedlings and on entering the greenhouse heard a loud buzzing sound.  It was a hummingbird.  I did not expect it to find its own way out and tried to catch it with a butterfly net.  With little success, until exhausted, it settled on a spot and I was able to gently pick it up.  I placed it on the car hood and it rolled over on its side.  We made a sugar water solution and placed it in the upturned lid of a yogurt container lid.  And I placed the hummingbird also on the lid.  And it lay collapsed on its side until I righted it and dipped its beak into the solution.  And then its long, long tongue flashed out and I watched its throat glug glug down the energy drink and its puffed out its red chest and its tongue flickered out again and again.  And it just stood there so I took the picture below.

thank you for the drink!

M. said it was mortally wounded.  I said, wait.  And suddenly its wings thrummed and it was off.

Adjacent to the house is a thistle flower and we have watched it mature.  Today it opened up and was visited by a butterfly.

And finally, I have mentioned the aquifer fed pond in the woods, which almost ensnared my bobcat some years ago.  We have watched the tadpoles spawn and grow.  Usually they dart below the leaves when we approach but today a number continued to swim near the surface.

and soon they will be off

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