back from week in San Francisco

Prior to my west coast trip I considered how best protect my plantings.  In my April 12 post I described planting out 33 tomato plants and my concern for frost damage.  There was no frost and my new concern was whether the plants would survive without irrigation for 8 days.   I deposited wood chips round the base of each tomato and watered deeply.  The 12 surplus tomato plants in the greenhouse I moved to the shade of the carport.  And I planted out 8 sweet pepper plants.  And hoped they would survive till my return.

My first greeting as I approached the carport was this long rat snake (see pic above), or at least that’s what I think it is.  M. thought it was a copperhead but I thought not and let it be.  And it was quickly gone.

I noted from upturned containers there must have been at least 3 inches rain during my absence.  Great.  Vegetation was lush and the young planted tomato plants looked vigorous and already had some flowers. 

small tomato plant bearing flowers in wire cage. btw the white blotches noted in my 4/12 post have disappeared

The reserve plant supply under the carport also looked fine. 

these plants did well in the car port

Not surprising they had grown fast and leggy and when I transplant them I shall have to be careful.  But they still had water in the tray in which their pots were placed – water level down from say 3.5″ to 0.75″.

I had planted out potatoes in a trench some while back and  had filled in the trench with soil to the height of the leaves before I left.  During the week there was much more growth. 

I have never done well with potatoes

And the greens had filled out.

this bed of radishes, lettuce, kale and other greens accelerated during the week.  Interspersed are some sunflowers and crimson clover.

And my 2 bee hives seem ok, more activity at one.  I should open them and take a look.

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