crazy weather

Now, 2 days after Christmas, the bees are out scavenging.  M. says wouldn’t it be nice if they could find food.  I say bad idea – if they return with food to the hive, just as a dove returned to Noah’s ark, it will signify good times have returned and the queen will be stimulated to egg bearing.  And with no food outside, the new bees will consume the hive’s food supplies and threaten its survival.

But the foraging bees have found food – the birdseed we provide for our winter dwellers (this morning – blue jay, house finch, chickadee, brown thrasher, tufted titmouse and a solitary woodpecker).

bees foraging birdseed
bees foraging birdseed

Perhaps the moisture has produced some fermentation breaking down the starch to release some sugar. A close up

there's something about birdseed
there’s something about birdseed

And with the moisture and warmth more fungi.  The uncovered raised beds keep pumping out greens (collard, kale, mustard, chard, turnip greens) and root crops as well.

additions to the salad - turnips, radishes and scallions
additions to the salad – turnips, radishes and scallions

After several days rain the sun has appeared, the birds are sounding and Trudy (yes we all age) waits patiently.

time for a walk
time for a walk



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