wildflower seeding

Last fall I collected a large quantity of wildflower seed and stored it in a cloth shopping bag.  Now that I have planted out my tomatoes and with rain in the offing, I decided to sow the seed – cosmos, sunflower, marigold and zinnia.  I was gifted two old cultivators – they are 5 feet wide and connect to the three point hitch at the back of the tractor.  The tines are spring tensioned.  I have a 60hp tractor which typically would pull a larger cultivator and so I had to make some adjustments to fit the cultivator to the tractor.  But the hitch fitted without a hitch, so to speak, and with my tractor in its lowest (slowest) gear I made several passes on contour across the sloping field.  The tines did a great job making furrows in the field and displacing stones.  I then hand sowed my collected seed in the furrows.  I probably should have finished the job dragging large planks with chains, which came with the cultivator, to bury the seeds.  I am hoping we get rain, but not too much, and the rain will settle the seeds in the soil.  Below is a ‘photo of the cultivator.

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