The recent heavy rains and at times warm weather have transformed the appearance of the woodland – the trunks of the trees have assumed a variegated green appearance.

lichen on the trees

On closer examination these are lichen –  a symbiotic alliance between photosynthesizing green alga and fungi.

leaf like lichen


Other growths are more intricate.

unusual trumpet shapes

And there are the long reaching arms.

an intricate maze

And finally some regular mushroom growths at work decomposing the end of a tree trunk.

regular decomposers





2 thoughts on “fungi”

    1. I have not heard of these two guys but have read about using coffee grounds. Thanks for the link. Lots of opportunity in the world of fungi. I successfully grew shitake mushrooms on oak logs a few years ago. My neighbor had to have her maple tree cut down (it was leaning on her house) and she gave me the trunk sections and woodchips from the branches. I am going to grow oyster mushrooms on the maple logs, will also try it on the woodchips and will also incubate on logs of a poplar which I have to take down. Hoping to get a nice flush of mushrooms – will let you know.

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