chicken dynamics

Eight young chicks arrived as a group
into a shed converted to coop
two Golden Comets who jump on your knees
when sitting you offer some morsels to feed
two Black Giants so skittish and shy
they keep the most distance when friendship you try
two Speckled Sussex the smallest of all
but quickly chase Comets to far away wall
and then the last couple, so striking indeed
a hen and young rooster of Buff Orpington breed

as coop door unshackles
they cluster around
then chortle and hustle
with wide legged bound

first to the weeds for a nibble or peck
then claw in the mulch
and sound a loud cluck
when worm comes to view and
seals their good luck

but Buffy is different
he has just learned to crow
red comb and gold cape
held high and held low
a matador turn, but is he a fake?

while coop mates ignore him
and focus on feed
across the fence barrier the
Rhode Island Red
has heard his first crows and though
twice months in age
is curious to meet the
tenored young sage



will you friend me?


she paces the fenceline and he saunters closer
though pretext is food, a purposeful loiter,
he faces and tip toes, his chest full of swagger
she responds just as quickly with unrestrained vigor
and then he departs and she wistfully eyes
the untutored young rooster and if she could,
but tomorrow will come and who knows by then
Buffy be back and gladden the hen.

3 thoughts on “chicken dynamics”

  1. Who knew that chickens were so “human-like”? Or is it humans that are “chicken-like”? I love your playful choice of words. Buffy is guaranteed to keep you entertained for a long time to come.

    1. Certainly enjoying ours. The trick will be to let them loose in the vegetable patch without running any health risks. I will be transplanting fall greens soon and after I have picked those, I will let them in, for the months of December and January. I will have garlic in the ground and may have to exclude them from the garlic growing area, or it may be ok to let them roam everywhere. Any thoughts anyone?

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